Dear all interested, dear all curious,

Here’s a little bit about us. 95% of our customers are gourmet restaurants, until now in Belgium, Netherlands, Austria & Germany, but this will change because we are planning to expand to many new places. For 2022, we have Switzerland, France, Denmark & Great Britain in our sights, but this will certainly not be the end of the road. NOBODY and NOTHING can stop us….

Also, we will not, as all other websites, write advertising texts & packaging, company names, indulge in self-adulation, etc. We are only too happy to leave that to the “competition”, which we don’t have….! It is unbelievable, all what is nowadays labelled as  “gourmet, delicacy, high-end, TOP”

Advertising as high quality, limited edition, produced under a full moon etc.+++, EVERYONE else is happy to do it, but we don’t. We are simply terrible.

They are already trying to copy ROMINA, which is very difficult because we are always 4,5 steps ahead. It is almost frightening, how extremely innovative and DIFFERENT we are.

And here, various references....:

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Coming soon......:

  • Sweet Cream Butter (a.d.Aosta) Vinegar
  • Tobacco Vinegar
  • Tomato (Green Corbari) Seasoned Oil
  • Garlic (Aquila) Seasoned Oil



yours m.s. from r